Turbosmart E Boost 40 PSI Street Kit 0302-1002


Racing technology for the street E-Boost STREET is an electronic boost controller aimed at the street performance market. It features many boost control capabilities found on its big brother the e-Boost2, continuing the e-Boost tradition of providing class-leading boost control, value for money and no nonsense features. New features include 40psi max boost operating pressure and an auxiliary output.

e-Boost Street allows the user to control, monitor, map and compensate boost. But e-Boost Street is a lot more than just a boost controller – it can also control water spray, methanol or nitrous injection, manage shift/warning lights and read/monitor RPM. While e-Boost Street is fitted with a state-of-the art software, it has been designed to be easy and logical to use.

Turbosmart eBoost Street Head Unit
Turbosmart 3 Port Solenoid
Wiring Loom
Hoses and Hose Fitting Kit

What’s the first rule of boost control?

Ensure you have an over-boost cut-out. This is safety feature built in to basically all factory, aftermarket & programmable ECU’s. The eBoost Range has an Over-Boost Shutdown feature built in aswell – You can never be too careful. Make sure it is set at a sensible & reasonable limit. Increasing the boost will put more load on your engine and there are other tune related factory you must always consider. If in any doubt, speak with a professional tuner / calibrator.


Can I use this on any turbocharged engine?

If your engine is turbocharged and uses a boost-based actuator for control, then yes. This Boost Controller will work on boost-based internal wastegate actuators aswell as external wastegates.


How much boost can I add?

This will come down to the rest of your setup & tune. If in any doubt we recommend you contact a professional tuner or workshop for advice here.


What is Gate Feature?

Gate Feature is a unique Turbosmart feature that ensures our boost controllers can give you the best possible response. By manipulating the pressure signal into your actuator, Turbosmart’s Boost Controllers can provide the most aggressive boost curve.


How Many Boost Levels Can I have?

The Turbosmart eBoost Street has 2 levels & the Eboost2 has 6. You can trigger these in several ways, including boost by gear.


What sizes are Available?

 eBoost Street: ¼ Din

eBoost2: 60mm

eBoost2: 66mm / 2 5/8”


How much Boost Can it Control?

eBoost Street: Up to 40psi.

eBoost2: Up to 60psi

eBoostHP: Up to 120psi.