SRP-6255G-900 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger External Gate



Gen 3 aerodynamics, integrated speed sensor port and boost reference port. Includes Turbine outlet Flange and clamp, -6an water line fittings, -4 restricted oil feed fitting and drain gasket.

400-900 HP Rated

2.0l TO 3.5l

Compressor A/R.72 61.75/75.60 9 BLADE BILLET

Turbine Wheel: A/R.83 54.98/60.00

Compressor Inlet: 3" Hose

Compressor Outlet: 2" Hose

Turbine Inlet: 2.5" V-Band

Turbine Outlet: 3" V-Band

Water Ports: -6AN

Oil Feed: -4AN with oil restrictor

Oil Drain: Std T3 Oil Drain Flange

Similar to Pulsar PSR-6255GG , Aeroflow Boosted 6255G .82 , Garrett G30-900, PSR TURBO

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