Skyline G35/V35 Silver's NeoMax Black Adjustable Suspension

This is absolute top quality suspension which will out perform most other brands on the market.
These are suitable for both track use and your pride and joy daily driver.
Silver's have over a decade of professional manufacturing experience using the latest technology combined with extreme testing in the harshest of conditions to ensure the best performance on both street and track.
Silver's are able to control every aspect of quality and reliability in the manufacturing process which the NeoMaxR suspension is the result of that work.


* Increased Dampening - 40 clicks rebound stiffness adjustable

* 20W oil - very high viscosity index guarantees efficient shock absorbing at any operating temperature.

* 44mm internal piston - raises rebound around 90%, while only raising compression around 20% for optimal driving comfort

* Adjustable pillow ball upper mount - can set more camber angle and improve steering performance significantly

* Lower bracket height adjustability prevents the need to adjust the spring perch, offering the maximum shock-absorbing travel

* Cold-bent springs made from high strength SAE9252 steel

* Powder coated steel lower bracket can match all design of brake line & ABS line holder