Suits RWD versions of the SR20DET, as found in the S13-S15 200SX/Silvia and 180SX. Along with the performance improvement, this pulley benefits high-revving engines by underdriving the water pump, which helps prevent cavitation and subsequent overheating when drifting/circuit driving.

Does NOT suit non-turbo SR20 engines or transverse mounted SR20DET.

This pulley does require shorter belts which are not supplied, as the required belts will differ between engines.

Typically S13-14 models use a 4-rib belt on the power steering, whilst S15 models use a 3-rib belt. This pulley will accommodate either, but it is worth checking your engine before sourcing belts.

For 4-rib power steering, you need:

1x 5PK900
2x 4PK860

For 3-rib power steering, you need:

1x 5PK900
1x 4PK860
1x 3PK845-860



  • NISSAN 180SX S13 2.0 SR20DET
  • NISSAN 200SX S14-15 2.0 SR20DET 93-03
  • NISSAN Silvia S13 2.0 SR20DET 88-94