GFB G-Force II Electronic Boost Controller

If you haven’t experienced the original G-Force, all you need to know is the G-Force II is the best value-for-money electronic boost controller out there. It’s not just for street use; even hard-core racers will find the revisions they’ve made ensure the G-Force can do what you need it to do!

• Touch screen interface with menu button - capacitive touch screen and new menu button make menu navigation exceptionally easy - no more pressing or holding multiple buttons!
• Choose your screen colors - 6 different button color options to match your car's dash illumination
• New closed-loop correction boost control strategy – for the fastest possible boost rise rate and minimum boost drop-off at high RPM, the new closed loop logic helps prevent boost variations that can occur in different gears, RPM ranges and atmospheric conditions
• Controls boost pressures up to 50psi (3.45 bar) - still class leading performance!
• 6 boost presets, individually programmable – you can program 6 different peak boost pressures and rise rates, then select on-the-fly
• Improved scramble boost feature with auxiliary remote switching – scramble boost now uses a dedicated preset (instead of a percentage increase) so that peak boost, rise rate, and closed-loop control can be specifically tailored to suit your scramble needs. You can now lower OR increase boost pressure, AND change the spool-up rate, all at the press of a button
• New peak-hold display - shows the peak boost achieved after a boost run
• Remote input trigger - connect the remote input wire to a switch, button, or ECU output to change boost presets or activate scramble boost
• Real-time boost gauge, display in bar, psi or kPa - choose the display units to suit your preference
• Real time vacuum display – now shows manifold vacuum as well as boost
• Over-boost warning/cut – user adjustable warning to indicate if the boost pressure is too high and to cut the solenoid to lower boost and protect the engine