GenV WG60 Outlet V-Band 0555-3004

Turbosmart’s PowerGate60 (60mm) External Wastegates are designed to provide superior flow and response compared to typical internal WG designs. Turbosmart’s V-Band (Outlet) design allows for using Turbosmart’s patented dual port wastegate actuator, providing full boost control while improving efficiency and reducing exhaust backpressure. Combined with Turbosmart’s advanced high-temperature seals, nylon-reinforced silicone hoses and stainless steel mounting flanges, this product is perfect for any turbocharged engine set-up. Turbosmart has made installing your new PowerGate60 external wastegate simple thanks to its unique universal V-Band outlet design that fits all popular Turbosmart offerings. The Turbosmart PowerGate60 (60mm) External Wastegate is the ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their turbocharged engine. Whether you are building a new engine or trying to improve performance on your existing system, Turbosmart’s PowerGate60 offers unbeatable performance, reliability and ease of installation. With Turbosmart’s V-Band (Outlet) design, you can enjoy maximum boost control and improved efficiency with minimal hassle. Invest in Turbosmart today and experience superior turbocharged performance!