GenV WG50 Outlet V-Band 0554-3004

Turbosmart is a trusted name in the automotive aftermarket, offering high-quality components for your vehicle. Turbosmart’s ProGate50 (50mm) External Wastegates are designed to be used with Turbosmart V-Band outlets. The Turbosmart V-Band outlet allows easy installation and offers great performance, reliability and durability. Turbosmart V-Band outlets can handle up to 50 psi of boost pressure, ensuring you get the most out of your engine. With Turbosmart’s superior construction and attention to detail, you can trust Turbosmart V-Band Outlets to deliver reliable results every time. When paired with Turbosmart ProGate50 (50mm) External Wastegates, you are guaranteed maximum performance and efficiency from your Turbosmart V-Band Outlet. Turbosmart is dedicated to providing the highest quality parts for your vehicle, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best when you choose Turbosmart V-Band Outlets and Turbosmart ProGate50 (50mm) External Wastegates. With Turbosmart, you get superior performance and protection, all backed by superior customer service. Trust Turbosmart for all of your automotive needs!