Electronic Straight Gate (12v) Actuator

Turbosmart Electronic StraightGate Actuator is the electronics and actuation behind the Multiple Award Winning Electronic StriaghtGate Range of External wastegates.

This actuator is designed to replace and fit to the zero offset butterfly style Turbosmart wastegates and include our patented zero back drive technology for reduced overall power consumption with maximum control and prevision.

Clock-able Actuator Position (3 x 120 Deg Options)
Full Electronic Actuation (Dual H-Bridge Input)
Onboard (0-5v) Analog Actuator Temperature Sensor
Onboard (0-5v) Analog Valve Position Sensor
Onboard (PWM) Digital Valve Position Sensor
7 Wire Unterminated Flying Lead Loom
Liquid Cooling for Actuator Stability