Fuel Regulator Aeromotive Pro Series


The tuner’s choice for high horsepower EFI applications.

The Pro-Series Regulatorcan support up to 2000 HP.

For engines requiring high volume, high pressure fueldelivery the Pro-Series Boost Reference EFI Regulator is a perfect fit for serious power.

Adjustable base pressure from 30-60 PSI.

Auxiliary ports available for nitrous applications, pressure gauges and transducers.

References Vacuum/Boost on a 1:1 ratio.

Includes two boost line adapters, one barbed for rubber hose, the other for AN-04 braided line. (Prevents blow-off in high boost applications) -Dedicated 1/8” NPT port.

Includes Aeromotive’s radiused tapered flare fittings:3 ORB-08 and 1 ORB-10 inlet ports, 2 with AN-08 flare adapters.1 ORB-10 return port with AN-10 flare adapter port plugs included.

Virtually indestructible electroless nickel-plating finish on the body with type II bright dip black anodized cap