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Aeromotive 10-M Fabric Element

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P/N 12601 10-M Fabric Replacement Element
Service element for Aeromotive Billet, in-line filters
Fits all 2″ OD x 5-1/2″ long ORB-10 filter housings.

Suitable for use on the pressure side of a fuel pump only, with gasoline and diesel based fuels.

Direct Replacement Filter Element For Filter P/N’s:

P/N 12301 ,   P/N 12321 ,   P/N 12351 ,   P/N 12306 ,   P/N 12347 ,   P/N 12377 ,   P/N 12387 ,   P/N 12333

Not for use with alcohol based fuels including ethanol (more than 10%) and methanol.


  • Recommended for applications burning pump gas, racing gas, diesel fuel, jet fuel, av-gas, etc.
  • Not recommended for alcohol fuels including ethanol and methanol.
  • Over 60-sq. inches of element surface area supports high flow while providing good service life.
  • Flow capacity of up to 250 GPH (4.17 GPM) with less than 1-PSI pressure drop.
  • Supports up to 2,000 Flywheel HP, Forced Induction, on gasoline.
  • Ideal for gasoline, EFI engines with small to medium Aeromotive fuel pumps from the Phantom 200 through the Eliminator pump.
  • Popular for demanding gasoline, carbureted engine applications using Aeromotive HO-Series, SS-Series and A2000 fuel pumps.