AEROFLOW E85 525 LPH Hi-Flow In-Tank Pump AF49-1057


Introducing the new Aeroflow Performance 525LPH Hi-flow in-tank efi fuel pump. This fuel pump is one of the highest flowing in-tank fuel pumps available on the market today. For such a compact and small design this fuel pump is capable of flowing 138.7 GPH (525 LPH) @ 29 Psi. With such a small and compact design it will fit in most O.E.M modern fuel tanks and surge tanks. (Please note that this is an aftermarket fuel pump, and some modifications may be required to get it to fit).

The internal design of this fuel pump is extremely quiet in operation compared to the older style fuel pumps. It is compatible with all fuels such as pump fuel, all types of race fuel and E85.Horsepower capabilities? This fuel pump can support over 750hp on E85 with just one single fuel pump.

Included with this Aeroflow Performance fuel pump are a new filter inlet sock, wiring pigtail, one small length of rubber hose (submersible in all fuel types), two clamps to suit rubber hose and two straight crimp connectors. Attached to the pump is a 9.6mm (3/8") barb.

WARNING This fuel pump requires a minimum 35-amp relay on each pump, along with suitable gauge wire and fuse/circuit breaker. Failure to do this will void all warranty.