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AEM Cam Trigger Disc, 24 Tooth, Nissan Silvia, RWD, Nissan Skyline R34 NEO, (30-8760)

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24 Tooth Cam Angle Sensor Trigger Disk – to suit stock Nissan Cam Angle Sensors / Distributors

Nissan used a cam angle sensor trigger disk on RB- and SR-series engines (among others) which contained 360 very fine teeth. This gave the factory ECU accurate information with regards to crank/cam position and Nissan used this system for many years.

However, when using an aftermarket ECU, particularly on engines built for high RPM, the fine teeth in the trigger disk can cause triggering stability problems and errors. The solution to this problem is this 24 tooth trigger disk.

This 24 tooth trigger disk is a direct replacement for the factory crank angle sensor trigger disk in your factory Nissan cam angle sensor or distributor.

AEM offer 3 different versions of this disk to suit various Nissan applications. As a general rule the following applies:
Type 1 – 50mm diameter with ‘D’ shaft – fits most RWD SR20s (and most R34 RB engines) PN 30-8760
Type 2 – 50mm diameter with round shaft – fits most RBs (but generally excludes R34 models) PN 30-8761
Type 3 – 54mm diameter with ‘D’ shaft – fits most FWD and 4WD SR20s (Pulsar GTI-R etc) PN 30-8762

Also suits FJ20 distributors and single cam VG30E distributors from Z31 300Z models etc.