Surge Tank and Aeroflow in tank pump - includes fittings


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This is a great way to save space, fittings / brackets and therefore money. The external pump is designed to be sealed inside the surge tank itself. With three ports on top this setup will suit all types of applications.

2L surge tank
Aeroflow 650hp pump
3 ports with -6an threaded holes
2 bolt brackets
3x -6 male to male adapters
3x 150 degree braided fittings
1x-6x m12x1.5 adapter
1x 90 degree braided fitting

These seal the pump between an o-ring on top of the tank, making for an easy application that will not leak. Highly recommended for circuit, drifting and all high performance cars

Great price at $419.00inc gst for tank and pump setup
We have other auctions which include pumps and fittings to sui